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The source code is also available: gba-video-poker.tar.gz
Video Poker
written for the Game Boy Advance
(c) Nathan Rosenquist 2003

This is a video poker game for the Game Boy Advance. In the game, you start
with $20, and play $5 hands of single deck video poker until you run out of
money. Kind of like real gambling.

    B to hold
    A to deal

The game was primarily written in late 2003 and early 2004, with a little bit
of touch-up work performed in late 2012.

Video Poker is written in ANSI C, and was compiled using DevKit Advance
(which is a cross-compiling version of GCC for ARM, plus some other tools).
Graphics were converted using pcx2gba, which is part of the GBAconv package.

If you want to compile this, you're on your own! The way I did it was to
compile DevKit Advance, and stick it all under /usr/local/devkitadv/ on
Linux. Then I added /usr/local/devkitadv/bin to my $PATH. Your mileage will
vary. Such is the nature of GBA development.

While I doubt this game is going to keep anyone on the edge of their seat,
perhaps someone may find it useful somehow. It's a pretty concise example of
a working GBA game, cross-platform compilation, and developing for a machine
architecture with no underlying operating system.

This code is placed into the public domain. Have fun!


GBA Video Poker

DevKit Advance